Apprenticeship Patterns: Motivation

For this first blog post I chose a pattern that focuses on something I have struggled with on and off almost every semester, this being motivation. I am usually very gung-ho when beginning any sort of programming class, or personal project, but eventually I find that I just get completely buried. This can be for a variety of reasons, being other schoolwork or simply getting lost trying to solve increasingly more complex issues, but it happens consistently enough to be concerning. After reading this however, I do have some ideas for ways to try and cope with this should, or more accurately when, I get stuck in this rut once again.

Personally, I found this pattern to be very helpful, as it resonated quite well with me. I have been getting frustrated with a lot of my recent work, as it is all in relatively new languages I only have a vague grasp on, but I now realize what these are. As stated in the pattern, you have to set aside what you are comfortable with in order to grow, and these states of remaining in your comfort zone are classified as Golden Locks. I just have to understand that a part of the journey to becoming a master in this craft is resisting the urge to remain where I am, in terms of my knowledge. Beyond this, all of the examples used in the pattern felt very relevant and did a sufficient job at helping me relate to what the author was trying to convey.

I would certainly like to say that this pattern will have some effect on the way I think about software engineering. I have realized and acknowledge my issue with my motivation, being that I am simply on the road to mastery and must keep in mind that everything I am struggling through is just a part of that process. I cannot just retreat back into only really caring about Java, I have to continue working with these new languages as I encounter opportunities to learn them, otherwise my career, and most likely my passion, will stagnate. Maybe this is due to a lack of experience, but I did not find myself disagreeing with anything said in this pattern really, it was a good read!


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