Apprenticeship Patterns: Breakable Toys

Having covered recording knowledge in the previous week, and specifically considering the conclusion I arrived at, it was only logical to cover the Breakable Toys pattern next. For those who missed that post, I determined that the best method to keep track of previous knowledge was to use a breakable toy that others could access.Continue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Breakable Toys”

Software Testing: The Best Testing Tool

As stated in my previous post, I did a group honors project where each member covered a different software testing tool. The primary reason for this was to determine which tools were useful for what purpose, one of which, being Jacoco, I covered in the previous post as well. But, after having heard each groupContinue reading “Software Testing: The Best Testing Tool”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Taking Notes

Yet another post, yet another shockingly related issue addressed by these patterns. The pattern for this week being Record What You Learn, something that is particularly relevant with online learning being the primary method of schooling for most. I have found that, throughout my classes, I have forgotten a significant amount of the minutiae forContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Taking Notes”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Learning Languages

I am once again impressed with the relevance of these patterns, covering many issues that I have been struggling with recently. For this week I chose to focus on the Your First Language pattern. This might sound strange, as I am a senior and at the end of a pretty significant part of my journeyContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Learning Languages”

Sprint 2 Retrospective

It probably goes without saying, but this sprint certainly seemed more effective than the first. This is essentially a given, as a good portion of the first sprint consisted of figuring out how to work within my team in addition to adjusting to the teams shifting around a bit. After this, I feel as thoughContinue reading “Sprint 2 Retrospective”

Apprenticeship Patterns: How to Practice

Practicing is yet another aspect of software development that I have had issues with in the past. Personally, I find that whenever I bring myself to start some personal project with the goal being to practice programming I find that I simply have too much to do or what I am practicing feels too tailoredContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: How to Practice”

Apprenticeship Patterns: Motivation

For this first blog post I chose a pattern that focuses on something I have struggled with on and off almost every semester, this being motivation. I am usually very gung-ho when beginning any sort of programming class, or personal project, but eventually I find that I just get completely buried. This can be forContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns: Motivation”

Unit Testing: Principles of Good Tests

This week’s post is yet again about unit testing, but this time focuses on a much more broad question. After spending the past two posts trying to determine exactly what unit test and the variety of patterns available it is only natural that this next post focuses on how to write the tests well. AsContinue reading “Unit Testing: Principles of Good Tests”

Unit Testing: What Types to Use

Now that we have a good base understanding of unit tests we can dive a little deeper into the subject. When reading through the previous blog I saw mentions of different types of unit tests and my interest was piqued. From past examples I had seen, I assumed all of these tests followed the sameContinue reading “Unit Testing: What Types to Use”

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